about us


We are Karissa and Linhbergh. We are full time professional automotive photographers living in Los Angeles, California. Our instagram has expanded beyond our expectations in the last two years. It was originally our “for fun” account to post our non-work related photos and the things we do on our off-time.

The both of us, and our dog, have been going out with our truck at once or twice a month to escape from the hustle and bustle of our LA work lifestyle, and submerge ourselves in the great outdoors. We like to think of ourselves as vanlifers that adventure in an overland 4x4 rig.

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LINHBERGH was born and raised in the Northern California Bay Area. He is passionately devoted to photography. Thrives on the challenge of traveling down unknown roads. Lover of Big Macs. Completely infatuated with cooking. This passion for cooking has transitioned to the world of camping. He is obsessed to cook, what is traditionally, non-camp food; Korean BBQ, Japanese shabu shabu, Indian curries, Vietnamese soups, and slow cooked Mexican meats. It’s not a question of “what’re we doing when we roll into camp?” it’s more of “what’s for dinner?”

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KARISSA was born and raised in a small town in Texas. Growing up in the country is what developed her love for the outdoors. Anything that consisted of rain or mud and an all-terrain vehicle was her cup of tea. Heavily influence by car culture, Karissa began wrenching on cars at a young age and later found her passion for photography. She pursued her passion and made her way out west to attend the Academy of Art San Francisco graduating with a degree in Commercial Photography. Fast forward to today, she now resides in Los Angeles where she is a full time automotive photographer.

This is KYIA. She’s a six year old Shiba Inu with the personality of a sassy asian grandmother. She travels with us everywhere. She has more airline miles than a lot of humans. She does not like being a dog, and judges other dogs on their inherent dog-ness. We like to joke that she’s going to be reincarnated as a human in her next life. What she does love to do is to run and hike. When we are beat from miles up a tougher hike, Kyia would look back at us with “Why are you guys tired? Let’s keep going!” kind of stare.